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Chocolate Patrik

Chockolate, Sweet food, Cakes and desserts, Catering, Groceries, Vegetarian, Gluten free

Minimum: 5,00 €
Delivery fee: 4,50 €
Delivery time: --

Subway OC Optima

Baguettes and sandwiches, Salads, Catering, Breakfast, Street food, Fastfood, Vegetarian

Minimum: 5,00 €
Delivery fee: 1,49 €
Delivery time: 40 - 50 min.

Subway Aupark Košice

Baguettes and sandwiches, Drinks, Breakfast, Salads, Catering, Street food, Vegetarian

Minimum: 5,00 €
Delivery fee: 1,49 €
Delivery time: 35 - 45 min.

Pizza Club u Šeba

Daily menu, Pizza, Alcohol, Catering, Hamburger, Kebab, Street food

Minimum: 10,00 €
Delivery fee: 1,20 €
Delivery time: 100 - 110 min.

Bowling Spot

Traditional, Steaks and grill, Catering, Daily menu

Sorry, restaurant doesn't make deliveries today.

Hlavná 100

Italian, Daily menu, Catering, Pasta, Traditional

Reštaurácia je do 19.04.2021 dočasne zatvorená.